As the member will become Associate Member, the member might have uploaded the C.V for assessment purpose. The Examination Committee will assess the Academic qualifications, Professional qualifications, and Experience certificates.

The Examination Committee will forward the assessment within a week of becomming a Associate Member. The Assessment will inform the member about his exempted /non-exempted exam parts. Candiadates / Member will have to clear all parts to become Certified Member.

The CFIA exam is designed to test your knowledge of the four major disciplines that comprises the forensic audit and investigation body of knowledge:


Part-1 Financial and Forensic Auditing & Assurance: Test your knowledge and expertise in the forensic accounting, forensic audit and assurance, financial fraud schemes and forensic & forensic auditor fields. This part will help in understanding the basics of fraud and aspects related to forensic auditor.
Part-2 Digital and Cyber Forensic Analysis: Test your knowledge and expertise in the computer forensic and IS audit, digital forensic, network and IT security, Forensic Analysis. Digital Forensic tools will help in building fraud analytics and in developing responsive strategies in fraudulent areas. Forensic analysis will help you in developing expertise in analytical aspects by using the modern analytical tools and software.
Part-3 Prevention and Deterrence of Corporate Fraud Test your knowledge and expertise in the Corporate Frauds, Fraud Prevention & Detection, Fraud prevention and deterrence strategies. Prevention and deterrence knowledge and expertise are necessity for forensic auditors. Red flags of frauds helpful in preventive stages of fraud risk management.
Part-4 Corporate Investigation and Fraudulent Reporting: Test your knowledge and expertise in the Forensic Investigation, Interviewing criminal suspect, Laws related to forensic fields and interviewing, and fraudulent reporting.. Law and investigation helps to understand and minimize the risk associated with financial and every field by developing expertise in Investigation and forensic reporting.

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