CFIA Exam Preparation

The CFIA Exam Prep Course is a computer self-study course produced by the AFIA and is intended to fully prepare CFIA candidates to successfully pass the CFIA Exam. The CFIA Exam Prep Course is not required in order to take the exam but is highly recommended. If you would like to study on your own, review more details on the CFIA Exam.


The CFIA Exam Prep Course consists of 1,500 questions and is designed to prepare you for the content and format of the actual exam. This allows CFIA candidates to learn the knowledge required to pass the exam while practicing in a true-life setting. The course also includes timed simulated practice exams.

Important Information

To be eligible for the Money-Back Pass Guarantee, participants must complete all 1,500 practice questions. You will be required to answer each question at least once. In addition to this, a score of 85% is required on all four sections of the practice exam.

You must complete the Prep Course within one year from the purchase date in order to qualify for the Money-Back Pass Guarantee.

You must take the CFIA Exam within 90 days of completing the Prep Course. You will not be able to take the exam until your CFIA Exam application is on file with the AFIA and your fees have been paid.

You may download the CFIA Exam Prep Course on up to two computers. When using two computers, you must keep one computer up to date at all times by using the export/import function.

Using the CFIA Exam Prep Course

The program will randomly serve up questions in each of the four sections. It will continue to serve up any questions you get wrong until you answer them correctly. You can go back and re-take sections as often as you like. We recommend taking each section until you are consistently scoring in the 85%-90% range.

You may study and take the exam sections in any order you choose.

The AFIA recommends you begin by taking the Pre-Assessment. This will help you identify your strongest and weakest sections. Start studying with the strongest of the four sections (the area in which you are most knowledgeable) and work up to your weakest area. This way, you are studying your weakest area closest to the exam.

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