Membership of the Association


Membership Categories

There shall be three grades of membership of the Association Categories of membership which includes;

Associate membership:

  • You must be a graduate of Accounting, Law, Criminology, Banking and Finance, Economics, and/or other related courses
  • Pass exams PE1-PE3

Chartered membership:

  • You must be a member of any of the following bodies to be entitled to the exemption from some exams: CPA, ACCA, CFE, CISA, CFA, CITN, ANAN, CIPFM, CIPFA, CIBN, NBA, etc
  • This category of members are to write the last stage of the exam before induction

Fellow Forensic and investigative Auditor (FFIA): fellow is he or she who has spend upto five years as a Chartered member of CIFIA.

Honorary Fellow: notwithstanding anything in clause 1 & 2 above, the Executive Committee may confer the status of Honorary Fellow upon such persons as in its own discretion considers merit such an award in recognition of their work and contribution to the course of AFIA. This may be for a fixed and indefinite period.

Requirements for Membership

No individual shall be eligible for membership of AFIA at any grade of membership unless they have;

  1. Passed the examination or examinations applicable for the grade.
  2. Undertaking the period and type of types of forensic audit/Accounting experience required for that grade;
  3. Satisfied the AFIA that they are a fit and proper person
  4. Paid all the appropriate fees prescribed, and
  5. Satisfied such other requirements as may from time to time be prescribed by AFIA provided that where an individual has passed examination or examinations or submitted other certified evidence or prior learning competencies which in the opinion of the AFIA is equivalent to the examination or examinations prescribed, the AFIA may treat them as having such examination or examinations.


  1. Only person who are students of AFIA shall be permitted to be entered for the examinations of the AFIA.
  2. An applicant must apply in writing in such form which may include electronically, giving such undertakings and accompanied by such fees, as may be prescribed form time to time.
  3. It shall be for an applicant to satisfy the AFIA that they are eligible to become a student.
  4. The Executive Committee shall from time to time make regulations for students relating to any matter which it deems appropriate.
  5. Upon and following admission as a student, the articles, the constitution and the regulation policies and procedures for the time being in force shall apply to and bind every person so admitted for so long as they are students, and, in so far as those documents provide, thereafter.

NOTE: we offer direct membership to members of ICAN, ANAN, CPA, CFE, ACMA, NBA, CFA etc, but such members must undergo our intensive training from module one to seven before we can issue them certificate of membership. Besides, we also offer corporate membership to organization that is pursuing similar objective with AFIAN.


We provide forensic and investigative training in various private and public organizations to equip them with forensic and investigative skills in order to restore sanity to our system.

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