Why we do it

It is no longer news that fraud and corruption has destroyed our system, which requires a sophisticated mechanism to eradicate it. As you are aware, Forensic is a current trend in the world and thank God that Nigeria is not left behind. 

Corporate crime is an unlikeable fact in today’s big business world. It has touched every country, every industry, and has no signs of stopping. In the past 10 years, the number of reported cases of fraud and corruption has continued to grow radically across regions. Compounding this are the challenges faced by the audit team and a general lack of the necessary skills set to collect the right audit evidence so critical to criminal investigations. 

While the regulatory measures and internal controls in reporting requirements help to lessen the possibilities for falsified activities to take place, history has shown that ingenious employees can and have manipulated even the best control systems for personal gain. 

Virtually all entities suffer from fraud, though management might not know it. With fraud costing entities an estimated 30% of their annual revenues, organizations lacking proactive fraud prevention measures are the most vulnerable. 

Occupational fraud is a significant threat to any organisation. Those organisations which employ fewer anti-fraud controls are more vulnerable to fraud. 

Forensic auditing provides an investigation methodology and accounting analysis that is suitable and admissible in the court of law which thereafter forms the basis for discussion, debate and ultimately dispute resolution. This course concentrates on practical advice for internal auditors in the fight against fraud, with focus sessions on deterrence, data mining and interviewing in a stressed environment. It provides an incisive analysis of how fraud occurs within an organisation and explains the latest techniques for fighting it. 

There is a need for forensic and Investigative auditors to get rid of these monsters called fraud and corruption, which have built its edifice in our country. I must be frank with you Ladies and gentle men, if our children must not suffer tomorrow, then we must ensure that we get the necessary knowledge of Forensic Audit and Investigation, to enable us assist Government to bring complete sanity to our dear country and that with immediate effect. 

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