The exam can be schedued online from your Account window:

1. Login to your account;

2. Go to Apply for Exam or Dashboard to Schedule/Reschedule your exam;

3. Exam can be scheduled only after paying the required fee for the particular exam;

4. The Associate Members can schedule only the exams which are non exempted/Already Applied;

5. Click on the particular Exam Part and the window as shown will be open. Now you can schedule your exam as per your convenience date;

6. When Associate Members are ready to appear for exam they should schedule their exam at least two weeks before they want to appear for the exam;

7. The date can be selected after two weeks from the current date;

8.The exam will become automatically open for the attempt at the time scheduled by the candidate;

9. If the candidate does not want to appear for the exam at scheduled date, an information email should be sent to the .

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