Maintain Your Credentials

Board of Regents approved the implementation of several key changes to the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) reporting process.

The changes in the program align CFIA with industry best practices and will create a better experience for our certified individuals.

The following table indicates the requirements for CPE effective 1/1/2013.

Item Effective 1/1/2013
Reporting Period Reporting will now be done annually for all certified individuals.All candidates will be required to report every year, not every other year.
Reporting Date The reporting date is December 31.
Number of Hours Required for CFIA 20 hours per year – if practicing10 hours per year – if non-practicing0 hours per year – if retired
Failure to Report CPE Will result in an individual’s certification status being moved to inactive.The designation can no longer be used until the individual’s certified status in reinstated.
Reinstatement Policy If  INACTIVE greater than 12 months, to reinstate, candidate will need to report 40 hours of CPE and pay reinstatement fee of CAD 100.



The AFIA will randomly sample a percentage of all candidates reporting CPE each year to confirm candidates are abiding by the CPE program rules. Failure to participate in the audit once notified will results in your status being moved to an INACTIVE status.

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