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It is no longer news that fraud and corruption has destroyed our system, which requires a sophisticated mechanism to eradicate it. As you are aware, Forensic is a current trend in the world and thank God that Nigeria is not left behind. 


Corporate crime is an unlikeable fact in today’s big business world. It has touched every country, every industry, and has no signs of stopping. In the past 10 years, the number of reported cases of fraud and corruption has continued to grow radically across regions. Compounding this are the challenges faced by the audit team and a general lack of the necessary skills set to collect the right audit evidence so critical to criminal investigations. 

While the regulatory measures and internal controls in reporting requirements help to lessen the possibilities for falsified activities to take place, history has shown that ingenious employees can and have manipulated even the best control systems for personal gain. 

Virtually all entities suffer from fraud, though management might not know it. With fraud costing entities an estimated 30% of their annual revenues, organizations lacking proactive fraud prevention measures are the most vulnerable. 

Occupational fraud is a significant threat to any organisation. Those organisations which employ fewer anti-fraud controls are more vulnerable to fraud. 

Forensic auditing provides an investigation methodology and accounting analysis that is suitable and admissible in the court of law which thereafter forms the basis for discussion, debate and ultimately dispute resolution. This course concentrates on practical advice for internal auditors in the fight against fraud, with focus sessions on deterrence, data mining and interviewing in a stressed environment. It provides an incisive analysis of how fraud occurs within an organisation and explains the latest techniques for fighting it. 

There is a need for forensic and Investigative auditors to get rid of these monsters called fraud and corruption, which have built its edifice in our country. I must be frank with you Ladies and gentle men, if our children must not suffer tomorrow, then we must ensure that we get the necessary knowledge of Forensic Audit and Investigation, to enable us assist Government to bring complete sanity to our dear country and that with immediate effect. 

Vision, Mission and Core Mandate

Association of Forensic and Investigative Auditors is the world’s leading forensic audit and investigation Organization, and premier provider of anti-fraud/ forensic training and education. Together with our members, the Association is providing forensic audit and investigative skills world-wide, and inspiring public confidence in the integrity and objectivity within the profession. The Association of Forensic and Investigative Auditors is registered in Nigeria as Non-Profit Organization under the companies and Allied Matter Act in 2016.

The Association of Forensic and Investigative  Auditors in Nigeria (AFIA) promotes and fosters a national forum and governing body for the affiliation of professionals dedicated to excellence in the field of forensic Audit and investigation in Nigeria, who offer to the public, governments and employers, their expertise in the area of fraud/white collar crimes prevention, detection and investigation, as well as liaison with other non-profit associations for the purpose of promulgating fraud awareness.

The Association pursues its objectives in service to its members and for the benefit of the public at large.

The Association provides services such as seminars, conferences, specialized training, networking, periodic e-newsletters, as well as a website with articles and educational tools to assist members and others with a comprehensive guide to aid in understanding and dealing with fraud and its related issues.

The Association provides a “meeting place” where Certified Forensic and Investigative Auditors (CFIA)  practitioners, who are engaged in law enforcement, forensic & investigative Auditing, accounting, law, and other related fields, can meet with each other, as well as others, to discuss fraud related issues.

VISION: Transparency in Advanced Audit 

MISSION: The world’s leading forensic Audit and investigation, and a premier provider of anti-fraud and forensic training to inspire public confidence in the integrity and objectivity   of our systems and fraud investigation.


  1. To provide professional association for forensic auditors,cyber forensic specialist, forensic investigators and as a whole a true knowledge base for forensic and investigative auditors.
  2. To provide bonafide qualifications for certified forensic and investigative auditors and certified cyber forensic specialist through administration of CFIA/CCFS examination.
  3. To develope and improve the techniques and practice of forensic auditors/forensic investigators, and to promote the study of and provide instruction in forensic audit and investigation field globally. 
  4. To promote and maintain high standard of professional etiquette and conduct.
  5. To require CFIA/CCFS members to adhere to a strict code of professional conduct and ethics
  6. To serves as the international representative for forensic and investigative auditors to business, government and academic institution.
  7. To promote a specialized organization for qualified and experienced forensic auditors/forensic investigators and accountancy students and to do all such other things from time to time may be necessary or desirable to maintain and advance the status and interests of the profession.
  8. To provide an organization of learning for persons desirous of obtaining professional education in the Accounts, Finance, Auditing, Management, Forensic Audit, Cyber Forensic and allied subject and secure professional status and for that purpose to promote and encourage the study and development of the art and science of theses and allied subjects and practice and establish workshop, trusts and other organizations having objects similar to those of the organization. 
  9. To provide an organization for professional Forensic Accountants / Auditors with a view to support and advance their educational standard and to frame and establish rules for observation in all matters to their education and training. 
  10. To design and prescribe a suitable scheme of education and system of examinations in the subjects of Accounts, Auditing, Banking, Management, Forensic Law, Forensic Audit, Cyber Forensic and computer sciences and allied disciplines for candidates desirous of admission to the membership of the Association and for that purpose to lay down a suitable course of study and scheme of education and organize proper training facilities and make adequate and comprehensive educational arrangements in the academic and practical fields.
  11. To increase knowledge, proficiency, professional skills and efficiency of its students and members not only in public practice but also in the service and employment of government and semi – government, municipal, industrial, financial institutions commercial organizations.
  12. To work for the amelioration and promotion of the education and academic standard of the members and students of the Association in particular and the Accounting, Finance, Banking, Auditing, Management, Forensic Law, Forensic Audit, Cyber Forensic and Computer Science profession in general.
  13. To work with government organization in ensuring restoration of sanity in Nigeria and globally through campaigns, sensitization and education
  14. To render help to the less privileged in the society and wipe away tears from the eyes of the downtrodden, the poor, widow and orphans..
  15. To be involved in educating the general public in the field of forensic field, fraud detection prevention and investigation, financial literacy education and other activities that can create employment opportunities for the youth in our society that can bring satisfaction to the citizenry.
  16. To work together with the government agencies  organizing training for relevant professionals in Nigeria and internationally . 
  17. To provide anti- fraud and corruption training globally to restore public confidence in Auditing/ Accounting process and reporting 
  18. To provide scholarship opportunity for the children and youth who want to study forensic and Investigation  
  19. To educate the youth and women and the general public the danger of financial misfeasance and its’ consequences